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Learn at Home - Music, the joy of learning music in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

We offer lessons to your home for: Piano, Violin, Music Theory, Flute, Ukulele & Guitar.

We are passionate about music education, and providing quality instruction to all our students young and not-so young.

Our trained teachers will build on each student's unique interests and abilities, and help them to establish a solid foundation with progression in their music learning journey.

We utilize our in-house developed curriculum that enriches upon the guidelines of the major exam boards. And we also offer a separate Accelerated Track program for selected high achiever students, that teaches advanced topics and helps fast track their progress through graded levels.

Save Precious Time! No more travelling time, no more waiting! No need to get out under the hot sun, exhaust fumes, nor pouring rain just to come for lesson!

Let our teachers come to you, and let your music learning adventure begin with us!

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Holiday Program

Holiday Programs for: Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Guitar & Ukulele

Play an instrument in just 1 week! Learn to read music and play. Individual and small groups are welcome.   

Our teachers will come to your location - Convenient! Save Time!

Let your music learning begin with us!

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Accelerated Track

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